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Your Perineum

Your Perineum
Perineal Care 🔸️🔹️

Did you suffer from a Perineal Tear or Episiotomy following your birth?

You are NOT alone, it is quite common 3/4 women will experience some kind of laceration following a vaginal birth... but

Often new mums just carry on through the pain and discomfort and forget about themselves 😔 but it's SO important for your PN journey to ensure that you are recovering well too ❤

Here are some tips for your postnatal care ▶️

🔸️See a Woman's Physio ASAP‼️

🔸️Regular Pain Relief - Paracetamol and Nurofen as the first instance

🔸️Good Hygiene

🔸️ Ice helps with the pain and swelling

🔸️Witch Hazel and Arnica - both are known to help with inflammation and bruising

🔸️ Try eat a healthy balanced meal to help with repairing tissues and reduce constipation

🔸️Drink plenty of water 💧 and use Urals to alkaline your urine

If you feel concerned with your recovery or pain increases please see your Midwife or GP straight away.

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