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Q: How many packs will I need? 

A: We and our consumers have recommended approximately 3 packs, as the panties are designed to support you in those first few heavier days to a week. They can also be worn in your labour, when your waters have broken.


Q. How often will I need to change them?

A. It depends on how much you bleed after birth and this can vary across different women. However generally you should get a few hours out of each panty. 


Q: What size should I purchase?

A: We recommend waiting till you are at least 32 weeks before ordering.

Also, check yourself against our measurements listed on our website, under Size Guide 

Always go up a size, if you are closer to the max cms listed, to ensure you are comfortable. 


Q: Are these suitable for Caesarean Sections?

A: Yes they most certainly are. The panties are high waisted, soft and stretchy, and also sit above your wound. Please feel free to go and read our reviews from our c-section mummas.


Q: Do they come in packs or individually?

A: The panties come in packs of 5.


Q: How do I purchase them?

A: You can order online via our website, or visit our stockists list for your closest retail store, we are also stocked with online maternity and baby stores.

Q: Can I return if I have purchased the wrong size?

A: Yes if the pack is unopened and in good condition. If you are happy to pay for the return postage, we are happy to swap and return to you at our cost. 


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