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''Midwife comes up with game changing solution for postpartum Mums''

''Midwife comes up with game changing solution for postpartum Mums''

Lydia Connolly works as a Registered Midwife at a large hospital. She noticed that after giving birth so many women felt uncomfortable wearing super bulky pads, unsuitable underwear or adult nappies. 

Lydia says: “I recognised one of the many challenges new mums may face, is feeling comfortable with the right underwear. Mums want to focus on their new baby and not have to worry about the heavy bleeding or the feeling of discomfort from their underwear.

In the early postpartum period, women often use underwear that are loose or too tight. They leak, the pads are bulky and bunch up and the underwear pulls up tightly onto their caesarean or perineum wound. New mums are wearing uncomfortable adult diapers, and this is why I decided it was time to find a better solution for the postpartum woman.”

She identified a gap in the market and after plenty of research and development, she created Partum Panties for pregnant and postpartum women. 

Lydia adds: “The research took months to get right, and eventually it was the first type of this product to hit the market. The first product launched mid 2019 through an online ecommerce store. COVID caused stock delays but the products entered the retail space a year ago.

Our product is called Partum Panties and offers pregnant and postpartum women comfort and convenience. We aim to provide women with a product that allows for a greater postpartum recovery.”

The reviews have exceeded expectations with postpartum Mums who have recovered from vaginal and cesarean section births describing them as much more comfortable and calling them a game changer.

Lydia concludes:

“There has been an amazing amount of support and excitement from both Midwives and Obstetricians, as there is now a product available specifically for expecting mummas, instead of the use of incontinence brands and or bulky pads.

Partum Panties are now available online, in pharmacies and in mother and baby stores nationally.

Key features include:

- Designed to fit the pregnant and postpartum tummy with a soft and stretchy waistband. 

- The pad is double the size of other brands and provides extra coverage for both the front and back.

 - Absorbs between 800-1000 mls 

- Partum Panties have an inner leg liner around the leg to prevent leakage.

 - Developed to absorb blood, not just urine.

 - Designed and developed by a Midwife.

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