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When to call your Midwife

When to call your Midwife
If you experience any of these signs or symptoms in your pregnancy, then it's important to contact your Midwife.

❌ leaking any type of fluid, even if you think you may have peed yourself 🙈 safer to have this checked and ensure your waters haven't had a slow leak ✔

✖ cramping in your pregnancy, we would want to rule out early labour

❌ bleeding, whether it's spotting or bleeding, please get checked ✔

🤰reduced or a change in baby's movements. If you feel concerned then going into hospital is a good decision, don't wait!

✖ constant vomiting is dehydrating for you and baby. You may need some fluids and anti Nausea relief.

❌ persistent headaches and changes to your vision are not a normal part of pregnancy.

✖ pain when going to the toilet, is not normal and may be the start of a UTI and surprisingly can cause early labour, so treating early is the best decision.

Don't wait for a few more hours, we would rather you came in to be checked and then we can send you and your baby home feeling well and reasurred ❤

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