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Signs your labour is coming

Signs your labour is coming
Signs your labour is coming 💫

It's so exciting when your getting close to that special day.
Here are a few signs that may tell you Labour is near 😍

☆ you may lose your mucous plug, a stringy/snotty consistency that may have some pink/blood through it.

☆ Diarrhoea - yes this is very common!

☆ Nausea and vomiting - another not so nice common sign that your body's hormones are changing.

☆ Increased pressure in your vagina - you may feel like your baby is getting really low into your pelvis

☆ Period like cramps - another sign labour may start soon and these may turn into contractions soon after.

☆ Lower back pain- this may feel like a dull ache. Again this is very common as your hormones increase.

Please keep in mind, if you experience any of these and are concerned, please get in contact with your Midwife and or Health care provider..

What other signs did you notice?

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