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Postpartum Bundle - Must Haves

These two items are GAME CHANGERS for your postpartum recovery.

So here at Partum Panties we have made it nice and easy for you to access your essentials.

2 packs of your chosen size + peri bottle.

Get yours now to add into your hospital bag. 

More information on your Postpartum Bundle:

Partum Panties are made of very soft quality fabric with super stretchy waistband, perfect for your pregnant and postpartum tummy.

Partum Panties absorb blood with the pad, double the size of any other brand, provides extra coverage for both front and back. It absorbs between 800-1000 ml.

Comfortable to wear during pregnancy and after delivery can be worn all day long without any discomfort.

Lining - Partum Panties have an inner leg liner around the legs to prevent any leakage.

Abdominal Support – Partum Panties are designed with the full pregnancy duration in mind. Partum Panties wrap around your waist and protect and support your abdomen.

Partum Panties are PERFECT to wear when your waters break.

Great Choice for both post-Vaginal and C-Section birth as they are designed to come up high over your wound.

After buying your Partum Panties, you will not need bulky pads and loose-fitting underwear.

Your all-in-one. Partum Panties are developed by a Midwife by keeping in mind all the needs of expecting and new mothers.

Partum Panties are Disposable, you can wear them not only during and after pregnancy but also during periods for those extra heavy nights.

Our product does not compromise on quality, we’re committed to providing quality to our customers.

Our Peri Bottle

An ABSOLUTE essential for your postpartum recovery!

The use of a peri bottle will provide relief to your perineum, whilst keeping the area clean and further assist in postpartum healing. 

Ergonomically designed and specifically made to be held upside down with a narrow angled neck for a continuous and targeted stream of relief.

A must have for your hospital bag!

Taking the time to practice good hygiene while struggling with the demands of life with a newborn can be hard but it is so important. Simply applying water to the site twice a day will help with healing, and if you can manage it mixing a little Witch Hazel and Arnica in with your water will help with inflammation and bruising. You can apply by dabbing gently with a damp cloth or if you want a cleaner solution using a water bottle - but the angle can be tricky. A neater solution is using a Peri Bottle. Peri Bottles are uniquely shaped to be held upside down, with a narrow-angled neck for a continuous and targeted stream of relief.