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All about Partum Panties

All about Partum Panties

Here at Partum Panties we frequently get questions about our disposable postpartum underwear and support wear duo including what they are made of and how they support each other in your postpartum recovery. So we thought we’d tell you all about it!

Postpartum disposable underwear

In the early postpartum period women often use underwear that are loose or tight. They experience leaking, pads that bunch up and underwear pulls up tightly onto their caesarean or perineum wound. Women are even wearing adult diapers, as there is nothing else on the market available to them. Partum Panties are different. Offering comfort and convenience, our disposable postpartum panties offer a product that allows for a greater postpartum recovery.

There are six pieces that make up our disposable maternity underwear which when combined create a comfortable product that can be worn all day long without discomfort.

These layers include:

  • Top sheet - Air through NWF (Hydrophilic)
  • Back Sheet - PE film, SS Spunbond
  • Leakage guards – SMS Spunbond
  • Absorbent Layer – Fluff Pulp, SAP (double the size of any other brand)
  • Elastic band – ElasticStructural Adhesive – Adhesive

The key benefits of this layered structure include the ability to absorb between 800-1000ml per set of underwear, with leakage guard protection helping to prevent any mishaps. The nature of the fabric and stretchy waistband means that they are perfect for a postpartum tummy, regardless of whether you deliver naturally or via caesarean, as well as being protective of sensitive skin. Whilst Partum Panties are not organic, they are recyclable, and we’ve had many good reviews from Mamas who suffer from sensitive skin that have benefited from and enjoyed using our products.

Whilst primarily supporting new mum’s after giving birth, Partum Panties are also a comfortable option to use in the later stages of pregnancy when discharge is heavier – or even if you are concerned about your waters breaking in an inconvenient location! Our stretch fabrics wrap around your waist and protect and support your abdomen, not falling down even when you are full term.

Given the supportive nature of our postpartum underwear – don’t worry about needing to buy it tight – it will still support your pregnant or postpartum body. If you are normally a size 12 -pre- pregnant, then go up to next size for comfort.

Support Wear

The second piece of underwear that we offer for your postpartum journey is support wear. Our support wear can be worn on top of Partum Panties to provide gentle but firm compression that won’t overwhelm sensitive wombs, or you can transition to our support wear once your postpartum bleeding has eased.

Our support wear features:

  • Breathable fabric so you can comfortably wear them under clothes without overheating.
  • Fabric that is 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, which makes it soft and stretchy so it shapes and contours around your swollen tummy whilst also giving gentle support. 
  • Ultra high waist, sits just below the bust.
  • Support mesh lining on stomach band provides gentle compression and support without feeling restrictive.
  • Wider crotch width to comfortably fit swollen vulvas, partum panties and ice packs.
  • Low sitting seams on stomach bands won’t irritate c section cuts.

Our support briefs can be worn after normal or c section delivery and are perfect for sensitive and easily irritated skin.

If you are look for a little belly support but don’t want to use a full support brief, we also offer Pregnancy and Postpartum bands that can be used in conjunction with our postpartum support underwear.

We hope we’ve covered off your questions around what our postpartum underwear option are made of and how to use them, but if you have any additional questions please comment below and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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