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Partum Panties Gift Card

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One of the many challenges new mums face is feeling comfortable with the right underwear. Women want to focus on their new baby and not have to worry about their heavy bleeding or the feeling of discomfort from bulky maternity pads and underwear.


This makes a Partum Panties Gift Card a great gift for an expecting mother. With a Partum Panties Gift Card you can order online via our website and purchase from our range of Maternity Disposable Underwear, Postnatal Support Underwear or our new Peri Bottle for postnatal care and hygiene.


In the early postpartum period women often use underwear that are loose or tight. They experience leaking, pads that bunch up and underwear pulls up tightly onto their caesarean or perineum wound. Women are even wearing adult diapers, as there is nothing else on the market available to them. Partum Panties a better solution for the postpartum woman.


In order to feel well supported and leak free, postpartum disposable underwear can help. These are best used post-delivery whilst the mother is still in hospital for heavy bleeding and as they move through the days and weeks they may either want to keep wearing your postpartum disposable underwear or move onto another option. These are easy to use like standard underwear, but provide full coverage for discharge and support their belly – with over the belly height working for both c-sections and vaginal births. We have maternity Disposable Underwear with double the absorbency of other brands.


Partum Panties offers pregnant and postpartum women comfort and convenience and we aim to provide women with a product that allows for a greater postpartum recovery. The panties are high waisted, soft and stretchy, and also sit above your wound. Please feel free to go and read our reviews from our c-section mummas.


Based on our experience and our customers feedback, we recommended purchasing approximately 3 packs, as the panties are designed to support you in those first few heavier days to a week. They can also be worn in your labour, when your waters have broken.


A Partum Panties Gift Card can also be used to purchase other products on our site including underwear for ongoing belly support. Once bleeding has calmed down and the new mum moves back into standard underwear, they may want support on their belly as their internal organs slowly move back into place as their body goes back to being on its own. If they feel the need for support on their belly post-partum, they may want to consider wearing either a belly band or high-waisted postnatal support underwear. Partum Panties offer a range of briefs and boy leg support underwear that they can purchase with their gift card.